New Mifare Plus SE SOT500-2 stock ready for production

New Mifare Plus SE SOT500-2 stock ready for production.

The Original module is now in stock 51000pcs, optional for any of our product line except micro transponders(they require to use our special micro COB bonding by wafer).

TSP will release the wafer stock info as soon as they are ready in stock.


Mifare Plus SE

Seamless AES security upgrade for MIFARE Classic installations


MIFARE Plus SE is the latest addition to the MIFARE Plus family. It is the entry level version derived from the Common Criteria Certified MIFARE Plus product family. Being delivered at a comparable price range to the traditional MIFARE Classic 1K, it provides all NXP customers with a seamless upgrade path to benchmark security within existing cards budgets.

MIFARE Plus SE cards can easily be distributed into running MIFARE Classic systems.


It is available in:

1kB EEPROM only,

including the MIFARE Classic value block commands on top of the MIFARE Plus S feature set and an optional AES authenticate command in the “backwards compatible mode” secures your investment against ounterfeit products

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