TSPRFID manufacturing Limited as one of high-tech enterprises in JiangSu Province, Our factory is specializing in the production of contactless smart cards, tags, labels, reading modules, and readers. So far, TSPRFID has delivered hundreds of millions of pieces of RFID products which are widely used in security, transport, tourism, anti-counterfeiting, finance and other fields, and has established important partnership with NXP founded by Philips, EMMarin, Texas Instruments USA, INSIDE, ST, ATMEL, Huahong, Fudan Microelectronics and other manufacturers; TSPRFID plays an active role in the development of RFID industry.

Major product lines include contactless cards, tags, labels, and reader modules which can provide different protocol interfaces, and special sizes tags according to customized requirements; we have advanced digital variable data printing machines, large-scale lamination production line and low-cost smart labels production line with innovative technology, and focus on research and development of ultra-high frequency RFID tags and industrial application, as the manufacturer with the most comprehensive types of chips in the industry. The technology with non-punching hole, one-off lamination and innovative chip packaging technology were awarded as "National key new product" by 4 state ministries and commissions, and the performance and quality of products can be comparable to imported products and huge quantities of our products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other regions and are deeply accepted and supported in the industry.

The enterprise obtained Adoption of international standards in order to regulate the production management and market access of IC card. At the same time, the enterprise has passed the strict inspection of the state IC card review centre and ISO9001 (2000 version) International Quality Management System Certification;


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